General Guidance that Applies to All Small Arms

  • Report all markings and symbols on the weapon.

    • Special attention should be paid to anything that looks like a serial number, date, or trademark.
    • Report not just the marking itself, but where on the weapon it is located (left side, right side, on the magazine well, etc.)
  • The best way to report on a weapon, if possible, is to take an overall picture of the weapon followed by close-ups of all the markings.
  • If serial number was removed, describe how (sanded off, drilled through, etc.)
  • If the markings are in non-Latin alphabet, you may need to transliterate, but don't guess.

    • If you transliterate, report the original alphabet.
  • Report what group the weapon belonged to before capture, if known.
  • also report the situation and location surrounding the capture.
  • Always better to report too much detail.

Transliteration Guide

  • DO NOT transliterate if possible.
  • If transliteration is necessary, use the guide below.
arabic cyrillic