Some figures:

Number of weapon types found in China: 37
Number of weapons originally manufactured: 4
Number of weapons manufactured under license: 19
Number of weapons manufactured without official license 5


The data on commonly used SALW in organized violence is organized per country. It is not exhaustive. The data was provided by the BwVC and validated by national and regional focal points on SALW control. Data published by think tanks, international organizations and experts, and/or individual researchers on SALW was reviewed where possible. If you would like to add to or amend the data, please click here.

The following list shows the weapons which can be found in China and whether there is data on who holds these weapons:

Symbol legend

Origin Country of origin
Production Licensed production
Non-Licensed Production Production without a licence
G Government: Sources indicate that this type of weapon is held by Governmental agencies.
N Non-Government: Sources indicate that this type of weapon is held by non-Governmental armed groups.
U Unspecified: Sources indicate that this type of weapon is found in the country, but do not specify whether it is held by Governmental agencies or non-Governmental armed groups.

It is entirely possible to have a combination of tags beside each country. For example, if country X is tagged with a G and a U, it means that at least one source of data identifies Governmental agencies as holders of weapon type Y, and at least one other source confirms the presence of the weapon in country X without specifying who holds it.

The following is a non-exhaustive overview of national weapon markings:

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 11_neu 12 12_neu 13 14

The following is a non-exhaustive overview of ammunition head stamps used within this country to mark ammunition:

01-01 Arsenal «Chin-Ling
02-01 Arsenal, Shanxi Province
03-01 No data