5.56 x 45mm / .223 Remington

The data on ammunition is provided primarily by the BwVC, but also from national and regional focal points on SALW control; data published by think tanks, international organizations and experts; and/or data provided by individual researchers on SALW. It is not exhaustive. If you would like to add to or amend the data, please click here.

Bullet diameter 5.7 mm
Case length 44.7 mm
Overall length 57.4 mm


The following is a non-exhaustive overview of SALW using this type of ammunition.
Weapon name Category Number of countries
AR 15 (M16/M4) Assault Rifles 98
Beretta AR70/90 Assault Rifles 17
Daewoo DAR 21 / XK8 Assault Rifles 1
Daewoo K11 Assault Rifles 2
Daewoo K1 / K2 Assault Rifles 18
FAMAS F1 Assault Rifles 14
FN MINIMI Light Machine Guns 49
HK 23 Light Machine Guns 26
HK33 Assault Rifles 27
HK G36 Assault Rifles 49
IWI NEGEV Light Machine Guns 14
IWI Tavor TAR-21 Assault Rifles 27
Norinco Type 95/ 97 Assault Rifles 7
Pindad SS Assault Rifles 5
Ruger Mini-14 Rifles & Carbines 6
SIG SG540 Assault Rifles 49
SIG SG550 Assault Rifles 26
Steyr AUG Assault Rifles 47